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2020 Meetings

6th February – stitch day

20th February

The Work of the Cone Exchange – Chris Powell

Competition: Under the Sea

5th March – stitch day

19th March

Folk Art Inspiration – Sarah Jackson

2nd April – stitch day

16th April

Creative Journey with Colour and Texture – Kate Slaughter

14th May – stitch day  (a week late owing to elections)

21th May

What Marie Antionette Wore to the Revolution – Julia Soames-McCormick

4th June – stitch day

 18th June

 The Scottish Tapestry – Susie Finlayson

2nd July – stitch day

16th July

Textiles, Art and Embroidery of the South Pacific – Dr. Christine Seal

6th August – stitch day

August Branch Outing to be confirmed

3rd September – stitch day

 17th September – AGM

The Things People Say – Carol Coleman

1st October – stitch day

15th October

Wyn InghamCasalguidi and Lace

Competition: An Illuminated Letter

5th November – stitch day

19th November

Linda Crooks –  Fabric Pods workshop 

26th November

Knit and Stitch Show Trip

10th December

Christmas Social/Activity


 Stitch Days are at Harmby on the first Thursdays of most months  10 am – 3.30 pm


2020 Regional Day 16th May 2020

at Emmanuel College, Gateshead

Morning Lecture & Presentation Wyn Ingham on ‘The World Around Eleanor’

Afternoon Lecture & Presentation Michele Carragher on ‘The Embroidered Narrative: Costume Embroidery for Film & Television’


Olga Stokes Award, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

Members, ‘Bugs and Beasties’



 10 am – 4 pm

 Saturday 7th March

A Silver Tup – Sara Dennis

Thursday 4th June

Manipulated Fabric Heart – Kate Slaughter

Friday 26th June (date amended)

Eco Dyeing and Printing – Jane Hare

Thursday 3rd September

Black work – Elaine Dunn/Ann Carrick

Thursday 1st October

Black work – Elaine Dunn/Ann Carrick

19th November

Linda Crooks –  Fabric Pods workshop 


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