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16th November – stitch day
November single stitch – Chain

There will also be a Play Day at Harmby with Sue Vardy on 16th November 10.30

An informal introduction to developing themes and ideas using a project book.

Theme – Texture

Please bring

– sketch book / scrap book or paper to make your own.
– any images you may have.
– pens, pencils, felt pens, crayons etc
– fabric scraps, felt etc
– needles, selection including large eyes
– threads, variety of thicknesses

Sue will provide paint, glue unusual threads, some fabrics, ideas and help. Sue will also bring in some of her project books as examples. If you have any questions please give her a ring, Sue’s number is on the back of the programme

Alison is ordering more sketch books (same as the travelling books) and should have them by then if you want to purchase one.

23rd November – Knit and Stitch Show, Harrogate

7th December – stitch day

14th December – Christmas Social/Activity
December single stitch – Feather


4th January – stitch day

18th January – Preparation for Regional Day
January single stitch – Herringbone

1st February – stitch day

15th February –  Stitching Favourite Places ….. Janet Browne
Competition: Peace
February single stitch – Knots

1st March – stitch day

8th March – Workshop:  Beginners’ Machine Embroidery ….. Tutor Jan Bell

15th March – Sites of Inspiration ….. Gina Smith
March single stitch – Cross

5th April – stitch day

19th April – A Lifestyle Occupation ….. Jacqueline James

3rd May – stitch day

17 May – A Bouquet for Mrs Delaney ….. Vivienne Brown
Competition: “Twinchies Squared” and “One Twinchie Worked in a Traditional Technique”

7th June – stitch day
Workshop: Needlelace ….. Tutor Elaine Dunn

21st June – Painting with Wool ….. Bridget Bernadette Karn

5 July – stitch day

14th July – Workshop: Canvaswork ….. Tutor Pippa Foulds

19th July – Love Letters from the Front, Embroidered Postcards of WWI ….
Pat Ashton-Smith

6th September – stitch day

20th September  – AGM From Scraps to Stitched Characters ….. Maggie Smith 

4th October – stitch day
Workshop: Whitework ….. Joan Wilkinson

18th October – Fabric of My Life ….. Laura Edgar
Competition: An insect

1st November – stitch day

3rd November – Workshop: A Felted Landscape ….. Tutor Louise Curnin

15th November – Members’ get together (no speaker)

22nd November – Trip: Knit & Stitch Show, Harrogate

6th December– stitch day

13th December – Christmas Social / Activity


4th to 6th April – Durham Spring School

19th May – North East Regional Day

30th June to 1st July – Harmby Mid Summer School

17th to 19th August – Wooler Late Summer School

Embroiderers’ Guild North East Region – Regional Competitions Requirements

General Competition

There are no restrictions regarding size or technique. 

There should be a strong element of Stitching in any entry submitted.

In some years there may be a more limiting brief, but it will be stated when the title is announced. 


Margaret Howe or Olga Stokes Competitions (alternate each year.)


Olga Stokes.

The award is for ‘a piece of ecclesiastical embroidery’ and the judges are encouraged to look for ‘Quality of design and the ability to demonstrate technical skill’ and a clear ‘religious’ link. There are no restrictions on size or technique. The only ‘rules’ are

(1) that it should have been completed since the previous Olga Stokes award (ie usually within the last two years), and (2) that only one entry per member is allowed.

The Margaret Howe award is for a piece of ‘Traditional Hand embroidery’.  There is no restriction as far as size or technique goes, but Margaret was fond of good traditional stitching and that is what is required.  Again, items should have been completed within the preceding two years and only one entry per member is allowed.


The Regional Committee reserves the right to photograph any of the work submitted for the competition, for use in either Guild publicity or in a Guild Calendar. If you do not want your work to be photographed, then please indicate this in the box provided on the form.


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