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6th December– stitch day

13th December – Christmas Social / Activity


3rd January – stitch day

17th January – Preparation for Regional Day

7th February – stitch day

21st February – Designing My Way Through Life
Melita Butterell

Competition: – A Mandala

7th March – stitch day

21st March – Collaborating with Nature
Jane Hare

4th April – stitch day

18th April – A Bag for Every Occasion
Suzanne Herbert

2nd May – stitch day

16th May – The Bayeux Tapestry
Pat Ashton-Smith

Competition: New Work from Old

Branch Challenge: Wallpaper for the Web

6th June – stitch day

20th June – Bite-Size Quilts
Joanna O’Neill

4th July – stitch day

18th July – Hares, Magic and Mystery
Helen Cowans

1st August – stitch day

August – Outing to be confirmed

5th September – stitch day

19th September – AGM

Treasures, not Rubbish
Nicky Dillerstone

3rd October – stitch day

17th October – Fine Cell Work
Victoria McLeod

Competition: Based on a Book

7th November – stitch day

21st November – No Meeting – Trip to Knit & Stitch Harrogate

5th December – stitch day

12th December – Christmas Social/Activity


Saturday 16th March – Soutache Braid Jewellery – Tutor Sarah Dodds

Thursday 4th April – Caselguidi Stage 1 – Tutor Joan Wilkinson

Thursday 2nd May – Caselguidi Stage 2 – Tutor Joan Wilkinson

Thursday 6th June/1st August – A Stumpwork Rose – Tutors Elaine Dunn/Ann Carrick

Saturday 14th September – Silk Paper Making -Tutor Wendy Ann Stanger

Thursday 3rd October – A Goldwork Brooch – Tutor Melita Butterill

Thursday 7th November – A Felted Bauble – Tutor Catherine Jackson


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